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An Anime Music Video, or "AMV". This is a fan-made video in which select footage from a Japanese animated production is painstakingly curated and re-edited to correspond with a particular selection of music. For the purposes of this project, I set footage from the anime series Kare Kano (in English: His and Her Circumstances), about a boy and girl discovering who they really are when they aren't fronting for appearances, to the pop-song, "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne which follows a similar theme. The challenge lies in sampling the available footage and reworking it for a purpose other than it was originally crafted for.

This short film was quickly captured with a hand-held mobile device and edited to create a short visual narrative in time for a competition offered on the theme of changing perspectives in 2020. In brief, it is about getting away from the malaise of self-segregation, breaking free of our bubbles, and becoming proactive about the problems that beleaguer us. The title is a play on the expression, "doom scrolling", which describes the endless stream of negative news we are bombarded with on many internet platforms and struggle to look away from.

A whimsical audition piece swiftly produced from a sketch-in-progress, edited, and submitted for application to a master class in puppetry. Intended to make light of the dual meaning in English of "off list" to accurately describe something both contained within the list at hand or drawn from outside of it. The title is a play on the expression, "lost in translation".

A corporate piece put together for an employer to promote one of their staple products. Raw footage and narration were provided by the employer to be edited and compiled into this short educational video.

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