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During my internship with NaNoWriMo, I was asked to create graphic illustrations of select quotations curated from established authors, or to honor educators. It was a wonderful challenge to conceptualize how best to express a linguistic sentiment as a visual still-image and realize that design in a way which conformed to existing constraints.

I was very taken with this quote and it was important to me to capture the recognition paid to both large and small accomplishments. In brainstorming how to visualize this, I was reminded of the fact that a chick will die if it cannot break through its shell; a first and arguably most momentous accomplishment. I quickly realized, however, that this concept may not be common knowledge and the implication would thus be inaccessible to general audiences.

I then transitioned this idea to that of children taking their first steps, and thought to juxtapose a child's footprints beside an adult's with the intention to represent the nobility of moving forward at any stage of our lives. A child in adult shoes was yet a third spin on this idea, but all were ultimately discarded as potentially too abstract.

My supervisor recommended a mountain-top to represent accomplishment, and I incorporated the large and small to my satisfaction by including peaks at different altitudes, indicative of the proverbial mountains we have both already conquered and have yet to climb.

For this illustrated author quote I was inspired to make reference to Davinci's "Creation of Adam". I was concerned, however, that the religious connotation may be objected to, and so made the alternate version as back-up.

A few more realistic illustrations. The one on the left was a pet portrait for a friend, paired with one of her online avatars. At center is a tree which was drawn for a work project that did not see fruition. The image to the right was created for the sign that I carried to the BLM protests in the Summer of 2020.

These pieces were conceived at the request of a coworker who wanted some original pages for her personal organizer. At center is a close-up of my favorite element from page 2.

A celestial dragon produced as part of the design for my personal website. The "scales" are comprised of NASA photography while the rest is hand-drawn. Close-up included for head and eye detail.

The clock animation on the left was created for my mother who needed an emoji to communicate her opinion that her children were overdue for getting in touch. The tree on the right was devised for a corporate website as a celebratory feature to mark the New Year and the coming of Spring.

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